Jacob Quail

My name is Jacob Quail. I played for Richmond United Metro team from u11-u18 (the highest youth club level at the time) then went on to play for UBC men’s varsity soccer team 2012-2017. During my time at UBC we won 2 national championships and won 4 Can West championships. I was first introduced to Roberto and his coaching at the TSS academy (Total Soccer Systems) from U12- U15 (aged 11-14). I then had the pleasure of playing with Richmond United Metro soccer team with Roberto as head technical director from U16-U18 (age 15-18). To say I was always the best player on my teams in youth, or at UBC would be a bold face lie. I have never been the most coordinated, creative, or fastest player. This threw most coaches who cast me off as just another Canadian workhorse player, not worth their investment. Roberto however has a natural ability of spotting your weakness (of which I had many) and addressing them. The only way to get better is to understand where an issue is, address it, create a strategy to improve it then practice, which Roberto always did. I soon realized if I dedicated myself to putting in the work, Roberto would do the same for me. Roberto was one of the best coaches I’ve ever had because of his extensive experience, he knows what it takes and subsequently provides the road map for success. He can do this for you as a player, such as he did this for me and for Richmond as a team. The values of his coaching provided me with the morals of discipline, consistency, and being able to take candid feedback, which have been integral to my success off the field as well and have shaped me as the young professional I am today. The real question is not will Roberto be the right coach for you? It is, are you willing to dedicate as much to your improvement both on and off the field, as he is for you?