Kareem El Menyawi

Having played soccer at the highest youth level (BCSPL), University level (U-Sports), and the semi-professional level (Ligue1 Ontario) I’ve had the privilege to play for some of the top coaches in Canadian soccer. As talented as many of my coaches were, Roberto Sciascia was overwhelmingly more knowledgeable and effective than anyone I’ve ever played for. Roberto coached me from ages 14-17 and provided me with the fundamental technical skills, soccer IQ, physical development, and mental framework that allowed me to go on and play at the University level. While playing for Roberto’s team, I learned more about core principles of team play than I did in all my other teams combined. Concepts regarding team pressing, possession, patterns of play, collective intensity, as well as attacking and defensive transitions were emphasized with enormous detail. On a personal level, Roberto has a unique ability to identify technical and mental bad habits players develop and correct them in an efficient manner. These include shooting technique, body position, decision-making, and 1on1 defending. Furthermore, Roberto does a formidable job of developing character for his players on an individual and team level. Character traits that Roberto emphasized include work ethic, accountability, empathy, and selflessness -these attributes that have shaped who I am as a man today, beyond just the soccer pitch. Roberto’s ability to consistently improve players on a fundamental level represents an amazing opportunity for any young soccer player who wants to play at the university or professional levels.
Roberto’s professional playing & coaching career in Europe is without a doubt the most impressive in the Canadian soccer ecosystem and is the reason he is one of the most elite coaches in the country. Roberto has played in the Belgium 1st division clinching multiple Belgian league titles as well as appearing in a Champions League Final against FC Barcelona. Most coaches in Canada have never competed for a top European division title, and most certainly none have even appeared in a Champions league match. This extensive experience Roberto has playing and coaching alongside the most talented soccer minds on the planet are what have made him an elite coach today.