kyle Kemp

From playing in our local leagues to playing in the interior, Roberto was the man that knew our team had potential that no other team had when he coached us. Being the man that he is and how he believed in all of us, with giving us the chances to show ourselves as a team and as an individual’s in front of Colleges in Canada and even in the States really showed how much we meant to him. Heres a picture of our team participating all the way in Santa Clara invitational in California. With this man as our coach i honestly believe that i wouldn’t be the player i am today. He has taught me much more than soccer, he has given me life skills that i never knew i had. With him hounding me in practice and pushing me to my limits really shows what kind of man he actually is, he’s the man that wants the best for everyone that he coaches. He’s honestly the coach that everyone would want. Roberto wasn’t just a coach to me, he was a friend and he’s was like family to me! Traveling to the States together with my family and having conversations the whole ride there was honestly just inspiring, with hearing about stuff i could do better and work on so i could be the best possible. i listened to all those words and put that into training and matches.