Marcus Ribi

I had the pleasure of being coached by Roberto from the ages of 12-18. My age group was the first to benefit from his coaching from the start of competitive soccer at the U13 level, all the way to our graduation as U18s. He took our team, which was already fighting near the top of the table, and made us into champions, winning multiple Metro League Championships, Coastal Cups, Provincial Championships, and even a 2nd place at the Canadian National Championships. His knowledge of all aspects the game is incredible and it translated into results on the field, both as a team and individuals. I grew as both a soccer player and a person under his tutelage, learning the value of hard work, dedication, respect and teamwork; lessons that still stay with me every day in my profession, athletics, and personal life. He gave every player on the team lots of opportunities to showcase their skills for the next step after youth soccer, whether it was talking to universities for potential scholarships, or taking us to showcase tournaments. He is a demanding coach, his passion for the game very clear, and knows how to get the best out of individuals to help them achieve their maximum potential. Technically and tactically, he made me into a player I never thought I could be. I have nothing but praise for Roberto, and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to take their game to the next level.