Richmond News Article

John Gattens, the teams coach. “it was a fantastic game and Coach Roberto was instrumental in molding a team capable of winning the much prized Provincial Cup”, Gattens said, “and it was also a fantastic way for now graduating players to finish their last game in youth soccer”.
In a deliberate show of solidarity with Coach Roberto, following the hard fought game, the whole team and its coaches ran to where he was forced to watch from the sidelines, and had a team photo taken with him (Roberto Sciascia is on far right). “The reason was clear, they were much aware and appreciative of Coach Roberto’s efforts over the years to build team skills and
character into the powerhouse it was on Sunday”, Gattens says. Roberto Sciascia’s role within Richmond’s Youth Soccer program was to mentor players and 6 supervise coaching at the Select level. It’s important that everybody be on the same page and there aren’t many coaches of Robert Sciascia’s background and calibre in BC, or Canada for that matter. “It’s why so many Richmond select teams have been as successful as they have been since Coach Roberto was hired to develop a professional level program in Richmond”, says Gattens.
Congrats U18’s, proud of you guys!