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I have known Roberto Sciascia since 2007 when he was contracted by Richmond Soccer to be the technical director and improve the Richmond Boys Metro Select program. He is always very professional and was both organized and a great resource for both the players and coaches alike. Over those years I have been involved with Roberto as the volunteer head coach of the U-16, U17 and U18 boys and have been with him in over 800 training sessions and 200 games. I would suggest that I have seen many situations where many coaches would yell at a referee and Roberto would take the position that the referee is not going to change his mind so why get upset? Roberto is also a qualified Aikido instructor and used some of his knowledge to demonstrate to the boys how to fall and get closer to opponents in many of his training sessions by using the force or energy to the player’s advantage. Over the years Roberto has always demanded the best out of his players and his coaches on and off the field. He instilled a sense of discipline in the training sessions and also implemented the monthly reporting system that each coach would have to keep along with Roberto the progression of each player over the season. This was part compulsory in program so we could evaluate the progress of each player from the attendance to the mental, physical and technical development of the player. We have even passed along the year long results to interested coaches at various colleges and universities that were interested in graduating Richmond Metro players. The results have been there with Richmond metro teams winning many league , cup and provincial championships and always are talked about by other metro clubs as how competitive the smallest district is in the Metro Select league. Roberto also initiated the tradition that is part of Richmond soccer today, that players shake the hands of the coaches before and after each practice at all age groups to show respect for the players and the coaches. As coach of the U-18’s we would often go to the U13’s after one of our sessions and shake each players hand to wish them luck by on the week end or a cup game.. This was made as part of the Richmond culture and the togetherness was often infectious. It gave all players as sense that we all belonged to the same club no matter if you were 12 years of age or 18 years of age. Roberto is always the professional and loyal to Richmond Soccer and would always go out of his way to see how he could improve the metro program and the players involved with it. If a player wanted to continue with soccer after their youth career was over Roberto made sure to give assistance to those players as long as they did the work. As to Roberto’s character being from Europe he is very blunt and direct to the point and does not candy coat his words. He tells it as he sees it and sometimes feelings are a bit ruffled. He truly is respected by his peers and the players and the coaches that he has mentored over the years. Although Roberto was a paid employee he was never perceived from the beginning that he would have to attend an event or game that was outside his contractual agreement. He attended all team functions in all the age groups and often went to help in tournaments in the US to help players get noticed by US Colleges. He would often on his own time go to see other games of opposing teams to get the feel of how was would strategized the game plan when we played them. He still comes to watch the men’s games with players that he coached in the past because still he cares about those players. Taking off my coach’s hat and speaking strictly as a parent, Roberto has always helped the boys recover from injuries and gave specific advice on how to rehab from personal experience. One example is when he came up to see my son Rory when he broke his leg playing for UBC and got compartment syndrome and advised him of how to rehab the injury. To sum up the character of Roberto Sciascia is to say that is caring and honest individual that would tell you when you were wrong and praise you when you were right. He has always been there for Richmond Soccer in many capacities as a coach, mentor, and sounding board for the players and the coaches. Sincerely,

John Gattens
Team Manager

John Gattens, the teams coach. "it was a fantastic game and Coach Roberto was instrumental in molding a team capable of winning the much prized Provincial Cup", Gattens said, "and it was also a fantastic way for now graduating players to finish their last game in youth soccer". In a deliberate show of solidarity with Coach Roberto, following the hard fought game, the whole team and its coaches ran to where he was forced to watch from the sidelines, and had a team photo taken with him (Roberto Sciascia is on far right). "The reason was clear, they were much aware and appreciative of Coach Roberto's efforts over the years to build team skills and character into the powerhouse it was on Sunday", Gattens says. Roberto Sciascia's role within Richmond's Youth Soccer program was to mentor players and 6 supervise coaching at the Select level. It's important that everybody be on the same page and there aren't many coaches of Robert Sciascia's background and calibre in BC, or Canada for that matter. "It's why so many Richmond select teams have been as successful as they have been since Coach Roberto was hired to develop a professional level program in Richmond", says Gattens. Congrats U18's, proud of you guys!

Richmond News Article
Local News Channel

Coach Roberto has been an integral part of my soccer career since meeting him in 2011. His coaching style and understanding of the game has made me the player I am today. He fostered the technical skills of soccer, allowing me to play at a high-level throughout my university and adult career, including playing at Quest University as well as on the UBC Varsity team. The attributes I gained from him have gone beyond their use solely on the field. Through hard work and pushing us to our limits, he has opened up possibilities beyond what I dreamt for my body, both physically and mentally. These transferable skills have made me resilient, determined, and above all, a hard working teammate with an understanding of the “team-first”. I cannot thank Coach Roberto enough for all he has given me, both on and off the pitch.

Theo Lorenz
Richmond Soccer Player

I had the pleasure of being coached by Roberto from the ages of 12-18. My age group was the first to benefit from his coaching from the start of competitive soccer at the U13 level, all the way to our graduation as U18s. He took our team, which was already fighting near the top of the table, and made us into champions, winning multiple Metro League Championships, Coastal Cups, Provincial Championships, and even a 2nd place at the Canadian National Championships. His knowledge of all aspects the game is incredible and it translated into results on the field, both as a team and individuals. I grew as both a soccer player and a person under his tutelage, learning the value of hard work, dedication, respect and teamwork; lessons that still stay with me every day in my profession, athletics, and personal life. He gave every player on the team lots of opportunities to showcase their skills for the next step after youth soccer, whether it was talking to universities for potential scholarships, or taking us to showcase tournaments. He is a demanding coach, his passion for the game very clear, and knows how to get the best out of individuals to help them achieve their maximum potential. Technically and tactically, he made me into a player I never thought I could be. I have nothing but praise for Roberto, and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to take their game to the next level.

Marcus Ribi
Richmond Soccer Player

From playing in our local leagues to playing in the interior, Roberto was the man that knew our team had potential that no other team had when he coached us. Being the man that he is and how he believed in all of us, with giving us the chances to show ourselves as a team and as an individual's in front of Colleges in Canada and even in the States really showed how much we meant to him. Heres a picture of our team participating all the way in Santa Clara invitational in California. With this man as our coach i honestly believe that i wouldn't be the player i am today. He has taught me much more than soccer, he has given me life skills that i never knew i had. With him hounding me in practice and pushing me to my limits really shows what kind of man he actually is, he's the man that wants the best for everyone that he coaches. He's honestly the coach that everyone would want. Roberto wasn't just a coach to me, he was a friend and he's was like family to me! Traveling to the States together with my family and having conversations the whole ride there was honestly just inspiring, with hearing about stuff i could do better and work on so i could be the best possible. i listened to all those words and put that into training and matches.

kyle Kemp
Richmond Soccer Player

Having played soccer at the highest youth level (BCSPL), University level (U-Sports), and the semi-professional level (Ligue1 Ontario) I’ve had the privilege to play for some of the top coaches in Canadian soccer. As talented as many of my coaches were, Roberto Sciascia was overwhelmingly more knowledgeable and effective than anyone I’ve ever played for. Roberto coached me from ages 14-17 and provided me with the fundamental technical skills, soccer IQ, physical development, and mental framework that allowed me to go on and play at the University level. While playing for Roberto’s team, I learned more about core principles of team play than I did in all my other teams combined. Concepts regarding team pressing, possession, patterns of play, collective intensity, as well as attacking and defensive transitions were emphasized with enormous detail. On a personal level, Roberto has a unique ability to identify technical and mental bad habits players develop and correct them in an efficient manner. These include shooting technique, body position, decision-making, and 1on1 defending. Furthermore, Roberto does a formidable job of developing character for his players on an individual and team level. Character traits that Roberto emphasized include work ethic, accountability, empathy, and selflessness -these attributes that have shaped who I am as a man today, beyond just the soccer pitch. Roberto’s ability to consistently improve players on a fundamental level represents an amazing opportunity for any young soccer player who wants to play at the university or professional levels. Roberto’s professional playing & coaching career in Europe is without a doubt the most impressive in the Canadian soccer ecosystem and is the reason he is one of the most elite coaches in the country. Roberto has played in the Belgium 1st division clinching multiple Belgian league titles as well as appearing in a Champions League Final against FC Barcelona. Most coaches in Canada have never competed for a top European division title, and most certainly none have even appeared in a Champions league match. This extensive experience Roberto has playing and coaching alongside the most talented soccer minds on the planet are what have made him an elite coach today.

Kareem El Menyawi
Richmond Soccer Player

I trained under Roberto for a few years before leaving to play in France full-time by signing a contract at PSG's youth academy (from U14 until the Reserves) and I can confirm that I was able to compete at the highest level thanks to his training methods and knowledge of the game. Roberto was able to quickly identify my strengths and weaknesses, not only as a player (technique, positioning, fitness, etc...), but as a human being as well (intelligence, instinct, attitude, etc...) and would never hesitate to talk to me about them in person or in front of everybody (especially if you take more than 3 touches in defense!). The journey with Roberto, whether it was in North America or in Europe, was some of the best (formative) football years in my life because he opened my eyes to what quality training and competition is. Only a coach like Roberto can truly prepare you for what's out there in the football world (university level AND European level) because it's extremely tough and not only do you need to be a technically gifted player to even think about having a career, but you also need to be mentally strong, open-minded to feedbacks (the coach is always right, even if the coach is wrong), and be positive. I wasn't even the most talented player, but he (re)taught me the basics of football at every single training and made them second nature (ie. from learning how to control a ball, then eliminating two players with your first touch during a match). It was an honour to have Roberto as a coach and to have him actually watch me play for PSG's U14, U16, U18 teams as well as the Pro reserves whenever he came to visit me in France all those years ago. To be honest, his coaching was actually better than some of the coaching I got in France and Italy! Anyways, long story short, it's difficult to find a better coach than Roberto today, especially in Canada - so, don't think twice!

James Chalk
Richmond Soccer Player

My name is Jacob Quail. I played for Richmond United Metro team from u11-u18 (the highest youth club level at the time) then went on to play for UBC men’s varsity soccer team 2012-2017. During my time at UBC we won 2 national championships and won 4 Can West championships. I was first introduced to Roberto and his coaching at the TSS academy (Total Soccer Systems) from U12- U15 (aged 11-14). I then had the pleasure of playing with Richmond United Metro soccer team with Roberto as head technical director from U16-U18 (age 15-18). To say I was always the best player on my teams in youth, or at UBC would be a bold face lie. I have never been the most coordinated, creative, or fastest player. This threw most coaches who cast me off as just another Canadian workhorse player, not worth their investment. Roberto however has a natural ability of spotting your weakness (of which I had many) and addressing them. The only way to get better is to understand where an issue is, address it, create a strategy to improve it then practice, which Roberto always did. I soon realized if I dedicated myself to putting in the work, Roberto would do the same for me. Roberto was one of the best coaches I’ve ever had because of his extensive experience, he knows what it takes and subsequently provides the road map for success. He can do this for you as a player, such as he did this for me and for Richmond as a team. The values of his coaching provided me with the morals of discipline, consistency, and being able to take candid feedback, which have been integral to my success off the field as well and have shaped me as the young professional I am today. The real question is not will Roberto be the right coach for you? It is, are you willing to dedicate as much to your improvement both on and off the field, as he is for you?

Jacob Quail
Richmond Soccer Player

I am not in the habit of writing reviews or testimonials but would like to make an exception in this case. Simply put, Roberto is the reason why my two sons where able to join and play for PSG for many years. After having training them for 2 years in Canada, Roberto gave them the mental and physical skills to play in Europe at the highest level. Though the playing level is much higher in Europe for obvious reasons, I honestly never came across a better coach than Roberto. My sons agree as you can see from their testimonials. Work hard, train hard, and listen to Coach Roberto and he will make your soccer dreams come true.

David Chalk
Director Of Business Development at Atlante srl

At age 15 I was contemplating quitting the sport and moving on. I felt stuck in my development, under-appreciated as a player and put to the side. Roberto was injected into our youth program and everything changed. Roberto helped me, and the team, see the game in a new light. I went from flirting with quitting the game altogether to developing into an elite youth player in the greater Vancouver area. Almost 15 years later I am a full time coach, played professionally, won numerous accolades at the NCAA Division I level in the United States; and I owe the greatest amount of my development to who I call "Doctor Roberto". Roberto was the doctor that gave life to what was at the time a dead pursuit of a beautiful sport called soccer.

Chase Wickham
Richmond Soccer Player

Hey Roberto, TJ here. As our youth soccer journeys have come to an end, as captain, I write this message to you; On behalf of the Richmond Metro U18 graduating team of 2017, I thank you, the man who taught us all how to play the beautiful game of soccer, for endlessly caring and believing in our team. You ultimately gave us all the tools we needed to achieve the success we did over the years. Allowing us to win the League, Coastal Cup, and Provincial Cup all undefeated in our final U18 season. However, it was never about winning and collecting trophies. Although it was very nice, it was simply a consequence of playing the right way, “the Richmond way”, and by expressing ourselves on the field. Near the end of our U16 season, your physical presence had fallen absent because of the circumstances that had taken place. Throughout our U17 season, a new coach tried to change the way we all knew how to play the game and our team began to fall apart. We had lost the love for the game and were all on the verge of quitting. If we could not play for the man who taught us how to play the game we did not want to play at all. We collectively decided to give it one more shot to finish what we started for you, because that is one of the many things you taught us over the years. We had managed to fight for just Shawn and Indy to coach our team who had been with us from the start. Mid way through the season, sitting at the bottom of the table, our spark had been re-ignited. We all had the talent locked away deep inside us, we were just missing the man holding the key. We didn’t care that we were sitting at the bottom of the table, we began to express ourselves in the right way once again. In a matter of weeks, we reverted back to our old way of playing, “The Richmond way”, allowing us to take down the 1st seed U18 Richmond team in coastal cup who had been in the same situation as us but allowed themselves to get lost in the mess. This was the pivotal moment in our path to success. We defeated the giants of the division by simply playing the right way and expressing ourselves like you taught us to do. Entering our U18 season we had played as if we all had a chip on our shoulders. We were out there to prove a message to everyone that did wrong by you. Thus we dedicated every one of our games to you, chanting your name in our team huddles before the game. From that point on the rest is history. For that, we are all forever in your debt. We thank you Roberto for teaching us about the beautiful game and life. You are a constant role model and inspiration in all of our lives. You kept us in line by giving us what we deserve, you weren’t afraid to tell us the truth no matter if it was bad or good, because ultimately you knew in the long run it would benefit us. You taught us that if you do the right thing, good things are only a consequence. To fight for our brothers that we share the field with, and that it is okay to fail as long as you are trying to do the right thing and so much more. Although from the outside to others it may not seem right, on the inside we all knew everything you did was because you cared. No matter what you said or did it was for us to grow and mature as human beings and players. We thank you for the environment you created, no matter what was going on at home or at school for the past six years, four times a week, ninety minutes each session we were able to express ourselves and show our individual creativity and character alongside our brothers. These past 6 years have influenced our lives greatly and allowed us to make unforgettable memories and for that we cannot express how grateful we are for you to be apart of our lives. Sincerely your little pirates

Richmond Metro U18
2017 League, Coastal & Provincial cup winners

Hey Roberto, Daniel here. By now you’ve probably heard, but if not, I wanted to tell you that we just won coastal cup 1-0 against Burnaby. I just wanted to say thank you so much for having faith in me. When my passion for the game was lost, you you helped me get it back. You are the reason why I am still in the game. Thank you so much for giving me the best 3 years of my life. Because of YOU, I haven’t made friends – I have made brothers. Brothers that I will have a special connection with for the rest of my life. Thank you Roberto, for keeping this game beautiful.

Coastal Cup Winner