“One thing that makes a martial art powerful, is that it teaches to recognize the how and when to utilize the strength and the weakness of the opponent to win the fight. We must do the same in soccer and do it as ONE.” – Roberto Sciascia
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If you try to learn soccer with your intellect or as separate skills, it is more difficult to absorb the teachings at a deep level.

Your mind looks at teachings, and in the midst of battle says, I don’t want that. Instead, continue to train with a team in a holistic way until something changes. What changes is deeper than intellectual knowledge, deeper than your mind or heart

Training Philosophy

Rather than compartmentalizing soccer into the technical, tactical, mental and physical, I prefer to combine these aspects of the game of soccer into a Global Evolution Process. It is a journey that will take us in a different direction every time. No matter what the level or the age of the group, it becomes a shared journey in which there is time to go back and solidify and hone principles learned in earlier years within the team context. It is more important to find a Tactical System appropriate for the quality level of the players than to simply work at developing separate skills and tactical knowledge. I want those Soccer Qualities to become Second Nature.

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What our Players and Parents are saying


I have known Roberto Sciascia since 2007 when he was contracted by Richmond Soccer to be the technical director and improve the Richmond Boys Metro Select program. He is always.

John GattensTeam Manager

John Gattens, the teams coach. “it was a fantastic game and Coach Roberto was instrumental in molding a team capable of winning the much prized Provincial Cup”, Gattens said,.

Richmond News ArticleLocal News Channel

Coach Roberto has been an integral part of my soccer career since meeting him in 2011. His coaching style and understanding of the game has made me the player I.

Theo LorenzRichmond Soccer Player

I had the pleasure of being coached by Roberto from the ages of 12-18. My age group was the first to benefit from his coaching from the start of competitive.

Marcus RibiRichmond Soccer Player
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